Collection: Pursuit of PEACE

In a world caught up in chaos and conflict, we aspire to a future where everyone's on a trajectory to peace. Pursuit of Peace is our latest collection, reflecting our desire for a harmonious world where instead of taking up arms against each other, people embrace each other in their arms. This collection inspires us to step down, take a look at the world from a broader perspective and see the bigger picture, wherein the conflicts that consume us today seem petty in the face of universal  harmony.

With the long days of heat ahead of us, we know you would like to invest in new pieces for your wardrobe. We have taken steps to minimise the industry's carbon footprint and implement ethical practices too - all without ever compromising on style.

All styles in the collection are ageless and achieve a sustainable status through the use of natural fabrics that biodegrade at the end of their life cycles. Like always, these styles are made in very small batches and will be made to order once the initial batch goes out of stock . Either way, how much you love and wear these is the true way to ensure any pieces of clothing are truly sustainable.

So, happy shopping, and when or if you're ever done, be sure to pass it down.