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Congo Top

Congo Top

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It's time to show your style smarts with this top with a frayed hem and off-set button down closures at the back. The top is in the purest form of organic cotton since it is un-dyed and is negligible on emissions.

Pair it up with Volga culottes from our Signature Collection for a all-white look, or a contrasting pair of fitted trousers from your own wardrobe to sport a brand new look. 


  • Fit : Regular 
  • Dye : Un-dyed
  • Handcrafted in India 


Treasure With Love :

In honouring the essence of every piece of clothing we craft, we revel in the singular tapestry each piece embodies. With hands guided by magic, our creations bear nuances in hue, touch, and allure, a testament to their artisanal birth. Each irregularity in weave or motif whispers of its handcrafted origin, rendering it truly extraordinary. Thus, in the dance of creation, whispers of variance between the garment you hold and the visions captured, add to its mystique.

Wash Care : Behold the sacred rites of textile cleansing. 

The hues, imbued by nature’s touch, may dance upon the fabric and seek new horizons. Before donning, cleanse with tender hands to unveil the purity within.

Invoke the cleansing waters, be it by machine or by hand, or anoint with the breath of dry cleaning. Let the chill of solitude embrace them, with a gentle touch of soap or none at all. Refrain from harsh caresses. Let them bask in the embrace of shadows, turned inwards towards the veil of shade.

In the cosmic dance of sustainability, laundry wields a formidable blade against the carbon beast. Embrace the ancient art of handwashing, where water flows sparingly and garments commune with the breeze of air. Witness the magic unfold as your garments retain their essence and journey through time with grace.


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