At MOBORR (‘Moh-Bore), we believe in working towards the greater good of the planet and its people. Our handcrafted, rain-fed organic cotton textiles are not only aesthetically unique but also bio-degradable, breathable and low on emissions. 

The fabrics that we work with are the real heroes in our quest for minimising carbon footprint along with our zero-waste philosophy, small batch production, plant-based dyes, coconut shell buttons, hangers and hang-tags made from recycled paper amplified with plastic free packaging. Our processes, raw materials, supply chain - everything we do - is designed to adhere to our mission of being a 100% sustainable clothing brand


Our Joie de vivre comes from creating multitasking, globally relevant and enduring silhouettes in soft tones that are liberated from the fashion calendar. 

The line of clothing effortlessly flows from day into the night and is suitable for a multitude of climes, occasions and body types. From straight European cuts to South American bohos, the one thing common to all our creations is that they bring you perpetual joy of owning precious keepsakes while fulfilling the desire to give a little back to Mother Earth.

Staying away from the generality of mass production, the yarns are hand-dyed in natural colours. They are then hand-woven into luxurious textiles on traditional wooden handlooms by artisans. Our hearts brim with joy when these craftswomen and men from rural India are given respect & identity through the #IMadeYourClothes movement. 

Embracing our heritage-rich pieces of clothing brings mindfulness to your wardrobe. Making them your second skin will bring you in a blissful rhythm with nature. 

Join our world and fall in love with the aura of relaxed energy that our collections carry all along the year.