Collection: Illustrious Legacy : Summer Edit

The mainstay of the brand, is our love for handcrafted fabrics. We work with various clusters and their master-weavers to create clothing that pay an ode to the craft with their richness, textures, techniques, illustrious legacy and are yet soft as cloud, fluid and malleable, giving the wearer an experience of true opulence that is felt on their skin for luxury is meant to be lived in. But why not pay it forward - here's how. 

Shopping for a buddy but stumped on what to get? Easy peasy - surprise them with a Mindful Gift Card! These digital delights come with redemption superpowers at checkout and zero extra fees.

The cards are valid for a whopping 2 years and can team up for a shopping spree. Got some leftover balance? No worries, it's like having a mini piggy bank for the next splurge.

The lucky receiver can go wild on our online store or drop us a line for top-notch suggestions. Flexibility, fun, and fabulous fashion await!